Ekramy: Omar, the audience, will not forgive Ramadan Sobhi and my role in his transfer to Pyramids “Zero”


Sherif Ekramy, the Pyramids club goalkeeper, confirmed that there have been strong campaigns to assassinate him morally since Ramadan Sobhi moved to Pyramids, adding: “I had no role in his transfer to the heavenly team.”

Sherif Ekramy said, during his interview with the media, Ahmed Schubert, on the “On Time Stadium” program: “I was waiting for an explanation from Al-Ahly Club for its position against those who lead the campaign against me, and no one from the club spoke to me that I was the reason for Ramadan Sobhi’s departure from the Red Team.”

Ekrami added: “There are campaigns to assassinate me morally and there is a war against me from one side, and I was accused of inciting Ramadan Sobhi that he is professional in England because I announced his opinion, and I was confident that Al-Ahly did not stand on any player and with the presence of all the deals, we beat 5 from Sun Downs, and after the departure of Some of the players took the African Championship and the championships.”

And Ikrami continued: “What words will I say or Ramadan Sobhi will say, it will not prevent the public from getting angry over Ramadan, even if he has a right to leave.”

Sherif Ekramy explained: “My first knowledge of the Pyramids offer to Ramadan Sobhi was from his agent, Nader Shawky, and not from Ramadan Sobhi, and I will not be a lawyer for him, and the rule that was between Ramadan Sobhi and Amir Tawfiq, the contracting manager for Al-Ahly’s renewal, was in my house and I left them talking about financial matters due to sensitivity.”

He added: “I advised Ramadan Sobhi not to return from England, but he did not hear my words and Al-Ahly returned, and Ramadan Sobhi mastered his decision, and the evidence is that he did not listen to my advice not to return from England from the beginning.”

He continued: “After the African nations, Ali Saqr, told Ramadan that he had many offers, so Ramadan refused out of respect for Nader, and then after a period of opening the issue to return to Europe, but the world stood and moved to Pyramids after Al-Ahly’s statement to stop negotiations with Ramadan, and I did not play any role in the transfer of Ramadan Sobhi to Pyramids, and my transition. It was not part of the Ramadan deal.”


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