Emad Miteb was seriously ill: Pray for him, people


The retired player, Emad Miteb, the former star of the Al-Ahly club and the Egyptian national team, showed signs of fatigue and illness during his last meeting on television screens on the “Jamhour Al-Thala” program with the journalist Ibrahim Fayek.

Earlier, the former Al-Ahly star was exposed to a health problem in the recent period, and tired already underwent surgery, which was announced by the player earlier.

And Imad Miteb, the former star of Egypt, announced, during the past hours, that he was waiting for the end of the Corona virus crisis to end his travel procedures to Europe to undergo medical examinations in order to check on his health.

The disease appears on Emad Miteb in his last TV interview

Emad tired

The star of the previous Al-Ahly attack sent a message to his fans, saying: “God willing, it will be good,” in a message from him that he is already suffering from a serious illness and wishes everyone to pray for him.

Imad Miteb said that he absolutely refuses to talk about the details of his illness in the media and believes that these matters should not be publicly circulated in front of public opinion, saying: “I thank God, there is no need.


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