Enough confirms to the Football Association that the 2022 African Nations will be held in Cameroon and not transferred to another country


The Football Association received assurances from the Confederation of African Football (CAF), that the African Nations Championship will be held in January 2022 in Cameroon, and there is no intention to transfer the tournament outside Cameroon.

Jabalia officials contacted CAF recently to learn about the fact that the tournament was transferred from Cameroon and the stadiums were not ready there, but CAF confirmed that Cameroon had completed most of the arrangements for the upcoming tournament and sent inspection committees there.

Abdel Moneim Shata, the former Al-Ahly star and former technical director of the Confederation of African Football, exploded a surprise of the highest caliber by announcing that CAF is studying 60% of assigning the next African Nations Championship to Egypt instead of Cameroon.

Shata said, in a televised statement to On Time Sports 2.: “CAF made a mistake by adopting the continental championship from 24 teams from the beginning. All African countries do not have the ability to host a tournament with this number of teams, except for Egypt and South Africa. Even Morocco, which has a strong infrastructure of stadiums, is unable to organize a big event like this, at least.” For now”.

He added: “There is a delegation from FIFA that visited the tournament stadiums in Cameroon, which is scheduled to host the next tournament, but it expressed its regret over the stadiums’ readiness, and stressed that Cameroon is not yet ready to organize the tournament.”

The former coach continued for enough: “There is a state of blackout in the African Union over the event, until the announcement of the postponement of the tournament’s draw was ambiguous, and it seems that CAF is afraid of announcing the difficulty of organizing the tournament in light of the repercussions of Corona.”

Shata concluded: “South Africa and Egypt are the only countries capable of organizing the next edition of the tournament, and CAF is close to asking Egypt to host the event, but the work within the CAF system is marred by a lot of opacity.”


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