Enppi: We decided not to buy Karim Fouad


Mustafa Al-Amir, president of Enppi Club, said that the Petroleum Club’s board of directors had taken a decision not to activate the contract to buy Karim Fouad, the right-back of the team from Al-Nujoum Club, because of the financial compensation required from his club.

Karim Fouad plays for Enppi on loan from the Future Stars Club. The contract between the two clubs includes a clause regarding the right of the petroleum team to include the player permanently, in return for paying 15 million pounds in a deadline not exceeding May 31, 2021.

Amir Leela Koura added that the reason was the lack of financial liquidity that satisfies the star team’s desire to obtain the cash equivalent, stressing that the latter refused to pay the 15 million installments required to activate the purchase clause.

Amir ended his speech by saying that the Enppi Club is waiting for the Al-Nujoum Club to respond to another offer by renewing Karim Fouad’s loan for another year.

And Mohamed Mohamed Al-Taweelah, head of the Al-Nojoom Club, revealed last week that he aims to make Fouad a European professional and is not in a hurry to sell it locally.

Al-Taweelah confirmed that Fouad’s desire is to move to Al-Ahly Club in the absence of a European offer, stressing that the Red Club did not officially negotiate with the stars to complete the deal.

21-year-old Fouad Manan is one of the candidates to compete in the Tokyo Olympics with the Egyptian national team, after Shawky Gharib, coach of the Pharaohs, included him in the list that is preparing for the South African friendlies scheduled for the tenth and thirteenth of this June.


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