Eriksen’s wife’s reaction after he fell unconscious (photos)


Eriksen's wife's reaction after he fell unconscious (photos)


The wife of Danish star Christian Eriksen went into a fit of tears and collapse, after the Inter Milan player fell unconscious during his country’s match against Finland in the European Cup, yesterday, Saturday.

Eriksen, 29, who was crowned with Inter in the Italian league title, suddenly fell to the ground when he was receiving the ball from a close throw-in before the match in Copenhagen with his eyes wide.

Eriksen's wife's reaction after he fell unconscious (photos)


His colleagues formed a circle around him, and some of them seemed to cry.

Eriksen’s wife was seen falling to the pitch in a severe state of collapse, and security men intervened to prevent her from attending the resuscitation and recovery of the Danish player before he was taken to hospital.

Denmark captain Simon Kjaer and goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel appeared to console Eriksen’s wife and try to prevent her from seeing her husband in that condition.

The match was stopped after Eriksen fell unconscious, then was revived and regained consciousness before being taken to hospital, and he is in stable condition.

It should be noted that the match, which falls within the framework of the first round of Group B competitions, ended with Finland winning 1-0.

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