“Ethiopia is creating a new crisis” .. a water resources expert reveals the dangers of alienation


10:37 PM

Sunday 06 June 2021

Books – Ahmed Massad:

The Sudanese Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources has warned citizens of the possibility of rising water levels in the Atbara River, after Ethiopia announced the emptying of the Takize Dam yesterday, according to the official Sudanese Agency.

Dr. Abbas Sharaki, a water resources expert and professor of geology at Cairo University, said that this emptying is a technical step that takes place at this time every year (mid-May to mid-June) in preparation for the new season, explaining that this year the volume of emptying increases as a result of the Takzi dam stopping its production. Electricity generation The period of the federal army’s assault on the Tigray region, which includes the dam area, and the bombing of the power station, which led to an increase in the lake’s stock compared to last year.

Sharaki added, in press statements, that it is clear from the satellite images that the capacity of the dam’s lake has increased to 9 billion cubic meters, and it is expected to empty about 2 billion cubic meters.

The water resources expert added that Sudan includes 3 dams on the Atbara River, which supplies the Nile with about 11 billion cubic meters, which are Upper Atbara, Setit, and Khashm al-Qirba, with a total storage of 4 billion cubic meters.

He pointed out that Ethiopia is alone in operating and unloading decisions without notifying Sudan in sufficient time, which leads to confusion in the operation of Sudanese dams and puts the population living on the river at risk, adding that what is happening is a new crisis that Ethiopia has championed, in addition to Addis Ababas irresponsible practices towards neighboring countries, including Sudan. Kenya and Somalia, and currently with Egypt in the crisis of the Renaissance Dam.

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