Euro 2020 .. an exciting map for the round of 16


The group stage did not witness any surprises, as the competition invited 8 teams that were not strong candidates to cross into the round of 16, namely Turkey, Finland, Russia, North Macedonia, Scotland, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

Sixteen finalists

Italy, Wales and Switzerland qualified for Group A, Belgium and Denmark for Group B, the Netherlands, Austria and Ukraine for the third, England, Croatia and the Czech Republic for the fourth, Sweden and Spain for the fifth, and France, Germany and Portugal for the sixth.

fierce fights ن

The price of the final will witness exciting confrontations, as the Portuguese team collides with its Belgian counterpart, in a match that is expected to be one of the best confrontations in the tournament, given the list of stars in both teams.

With a difficult draw for Germany against Hungary at the end of Group F, the machines qualified for the final price to enter into a violent clash with England, one of the candidates to win the title.

The clash of Croatia and Spain in the round of 16 will be among the highly anticipated matches, as well as the match of the Netherlands against the Czech national team.

And a little less, you’ll wait Europe With passion Wales vs Denmark, Sweden vs Ukraine, France vs Switzerland, Italy vs Austria.

Quarter-final predictions

Theoretically, you have France The advantage of qualifying against Switzerland, and Italy as well at the expense of Austria, as well as the balance of the Netherlands will be more likely against the Czech Republic, and Spain may obtain a relative advantage against Croatia after its awakening at the end of the groups and its victory over Slovakia by five clean points.

As for the confrontations between Belgium, Portugal, England, Germany, Wales, Denmark, Sweden and Ukraine, they will not be subject to expectations due to the convergence of levels and data in all the competing teams face to face.

The round of 16 matches start Saturday and continue until Tuesday, and then the quarter-finals start on July 2.


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