Euro 2020 .. St. Petersburg is witnessing new restrictions due to Corona


The authorities of the Russian city of St. Petersburg, to participate in hosting the European Nations Cup (Euro 2020), which is currently being held, decided to prevent the holding of any major events in which the number of attendance exceeds three thousand people, in light of the increasing number of people infected with the emerging Corona virus.

The new restrictions are not expected to affect the public attendance at the European Championship matches, which are witnessing the application of special restrictions.

The decision, announced by the city authorities today, Monday, came after a large number of fans gathered in a public viewing area to follow the match between the Russian team against its Belgian counterpart yesterday, Saturday, which ended with a 3-0 victory for Belgium in the first round of the second group matches.

As of next Thursday, it will not be allowed to sell food in public fan areas, but only drinks will be allowed.

The Russian national team will meet in its second match in the European Championship, its Finnish counterpart, on Wednesday in Saint Petersburg.


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