Euro 2020 .. UEFA obliges Ukraine to change its politically offensive shirt against Russia


The European Football Association “UEFA” has responded to the protest submitted by the Russian national team, over the shirt of the Ukrainian national team, and asked it to change it before the start of the European Nations Cup 2020.

The Russian Federation sent a letter in which it submitted a complaint to the European Football Association “UEFA” regarding the shirts of the Ukrainian national team, describing it as a politician before the start of the European Nations Cup.Euro 2020which includes the outlines of Moscow annexed Crimea and is decorated with popular patriotic chants.

In its statement, UEFA noted that “on further analysis, the logo is clearly of a political nature and should therefore be withdrawn in light of UEFA’s competitive matches.”

According to France 24, the message sent from the Russian Federation to the European Union just three days before the start of the European Championship stated: “We draw attention to the use of political motives in the Ukrainian national team shirt, which contradicts the basic principles of the UEFA regulations.. “

Kiev angered Moscow after its soccer federation unveiled the Euro 2020 kits that outline Ukraine, including Crimea, annexed by Russia in 2014, with the words “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the champions” on T-shirts.!”.

The European Union stresses the importance of moving away from politics in football, but stressed that the Ukrainian jersey has been approved by the European Union, in accordance with the applicable regulations.

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