Facebook: A new update for WhatsApp will make chatting with companies easier


During the Facebook F8 developer conference, the social media giant revealed some updates to the WhatsApp API to expand the experience, especially since the WhatsApp platform is still important for many other stores and companies even with its privacy policy issue.

The messaging service wants to make these transactions faster and easier through updates to its business API, especially since WhatsApp now has more than 2 billion users globally, but its efforts in business are modest with just over 175 million people messaging With WhatsApp Business accounts daily.

The news comes on the heels of Facebook’s disclosure of the general availability of its Messenger API for its Instagram platform, and the move forms part of a larger string of ads aimed at doing business more easily across the platform.

Facebook and its many apps are at their core consumer services that billions of people use to stay connected, entertained, and stay informed about everything that matters to them, but Facebook is gradually building a large-scale and profitable business infrastructure around this engaged audience.

This infrastructure began with advertising, but extended deeper into marketing, customer service, workplace productivity, and shopping.

Facebook solves WhatsApp Business problems:

Facebook is trying to tackle WhatsApp Business issues from setup to responding to different types of messages, and the time it takes to create a WhatsApp Business account is now speeding up to five minutes. And Facebook makes it easy to use the account once it’s set up.

Companies will be able to respond faster to incoming messages, and they can now send messages to those who have opted in, for example about stock availability. Reply buttons to provide pre-filled and common responses from customers.


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