Facebook expands Stores feature to WhatsApp and Marketplace


Facebook said it is expanding its Shops feature to its messaging app WhatsApp in several countries and to Facebook Marketplace in the United States, as it announced changes to its commerce tools.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said it will also introduce personalized ads in the Stores service based on users’ shopping behavior. The social media giant, which launched Stores last year as a way for people to find and buy products on Facebook and Instagram as part of its push to… E-commerce has more than 300 million monthly shop visitors and about 1.2 million monthly active stores.

Zuckerberg said during Facebook’s latest earnings release that e-commerce is one of three main areas the company is focusing on, along with working on augmented and virtual reality and helping content creators earn money on Facebook platforms, and the company said that in the coming months it will test an artificial intelligence tool called ‘Visual search’ so that users who shop on the photo-sharing site Instagram can click on items and find similar products in stores.

Zuckerberg said that users will be able to use this search from content on the app or on photos on their camera rolls. Facebook is also working on ways to use augmented reality that shoppers can experience on items, including from ads, which is Speaks in an audio room live on Facebook.


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