Fast & Furious 9 breaks the quarter billion dollar barrier in three weeks


Film revenue continues Fast & Furious 9 It is increasing, before it reaches the rest of the world, to break the barrier of a quarter of a billion dollars, in less than three weeks since the work was launched in a number of countries around the world, bringing the revenues to 256 million and 371 thousand dollars since its launch on May 19.

The work achieved the highest global opening for a Hollywood movie since the beginning of the Corona virus epidemic, as it made 162 million dollars from a total of 8 markets, including 135 million dollars in China, according to the report published on the website “THE WRAP”.

During the Corona virus period, a few Hollywood films were opened in China, and among them was a movie “Soul” for Disney / Pixar who made $58 million ” Tenet ” who made $66 million.

But “F9” Not only has it doubled the total number of movies played in China, but it has also become the first Hollywood movie since “Avengers: Endgame” Two years ago, he made $100 million in China.

And made a movie Fast & Furious 9 Revenue reached $6.2 million in the Middle East, $8.2 million in Russia and $2.4 million in Hong Kong, in addition to $12.4 million from IMAX It is the second highest total ever, as the only version with a total IMAX top is “Captain America: Civil War”, which has been released in 26 countries more than one version “F9” In the opening weekend.

This beginning still leavesF9We have a long way to go to reach a billion dollars worldwide, hope Universal For other countries to recover enough from COVID-19 So that theater restrictions are eased by the time the film expands in June, as the film is scheduled to be released in the United States on June 25, and will be released in major European regions in early July, according to the report published on the website “THE WRAP“.


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