Fatima Koshary talks about Ahmed Makki’s role in covering her treatment expenses | news


Actress Fatima Koshary receives treatment after suffering a medical error during an operation, and she began the recovery phase, which lasts for nearly 3 weeks.

Fatima Koshary revealed the artist Ahmed Makki’s support for her during her health crisis, and his contribution to improving her morale, after his intervention to solve some issues related to her treatment.

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She explained, in statements to Al-Watan newspaper, that Ahmed Makki paid the expenses of treatment and x-rays in the hospital, through his business manager, who went to visit her and check on her.

Fatima Koshary added that Ahmed Mekki knew that the doctors recommended that she stay in a humid place away from the heat to complete her treatment, and he sent people to install an air conditioner in her house, and that his business manager brought her a kebab and kofta meal during her visit.

She confirmed that she is proud of knowing Ahmed Mekky and described him as “a great and respected artist.”

It is noteworthy that Fatima Koshary was famous for her famous scene with Ahmed Makki in the movie “Neither Retreat nor Surrender”, when he met her with the character “Hazelqoum” on Baltim Beach, thinking that he was in Greece, after a failed illegal immigration attempt, and he asked her to give him a stuffed finger from The suit she was wearing in front of her.

It is reported that Fatima Koshary underwent a hernia operation 3 months ago, and 4 days after the surgery, she felt severe pain and soreness similar to a tumor next to the operation site, to undergo another operation at another doctor, and discover that the doctor forgot a medical gauze inside her that caused her this suffering.

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