Ferjani Sassi informs the Zamalek doctor of the details of his injury with Tunisia, despite his decision to leave


A source close to the Tunisian international Ferjani Sassi, Zamalek midfielder, revealed that he was keen to communicate with Dr. Mohamed Osama, the team doctor, to notify him of the extent of the injury he suffered with the Tunisian team, which came in the front muscle, and that he is currently undergoing a rehabilitation program from that injury until he recovers. Including during the coming period, Sassi communicated with the Zamalek doctor in a friendly manner, despite the player’s decision to leave the club, as he notified the Zamalek administration through an official letter that his contract with Mit Oqba Castle expired at the end of the elapsed month, which is rejected by the Zamalek administration, which confirmed that his contract expires. At the end of this season.

and subject Ferjani Sassi He is currently on his rehabilitation program in Tunisia in order to recover from the injury he sustained in the anterior muscle, which he sustained at the Tunisia national team camp on the sidelines of the international stop.

Will Ferjani Sassi return to Cairo after the decision to leave?

A source in the Zamalek team revealed that Ferjani Sassi intends to return to Cairo during the coming period, despite the tweet he posted on his account on the “Twitter” website, which was similar to a farewell message to the fans of the White Castle after he also sent an official letter to the club stating the end of his contract, which was rejected by the administration. Zamalek club, as it insists that his contract stipulates his end at the end of the current season.

The same source revealed that a number of Zamalek players contacted Sassi to check on his injury with the Tunisian national team during the current international break, and to inquire of him also about his return to Cairo or not, to assure them of the Tunisian player that he will return during the coming period, and the player had He collected his belongings in Cairo to take them with him during his trip to Tunisia after he decided to leave Zamalek after agreeing with a Qatari club to move to his ranks in the new season..

Ferjani Sassi comments on the issue of his departure from Zamalek

وعلق Ferjani Sassi On the recent events regarding his departure from the castle of Mit Oqba, he said via Twitter:، With pride, I am proud of the most important period in my life with the Zamalek Club, and God knows that I have been faithful to this entity inside and outside the stadium, and the great Zamalek fans remain the real support for me at all stations... the good is in what God choose to U.S.. Soon I will explain all the facts !!”.

The tweet that Sassi launched came as a farewell message to the fans of Zamalek, but he assured his teammates of his return to Cairo during the coming period, despite that tweet after the recent news that he will not return to Egypt after making the decision to leave Mit Oqba Castle..


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