Fiat unveils its most beautiful crossovers


Fiat unveils its most beautiful crossovers

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Fiat has revealed the design of its new Pulse, which is believed to gain popularity in the world of crossover vehicles for its elegant design and fuel economy.

This car was built on platforms that Fiat had tested in Argo hatchbacks, and received a distinctively designed chassis about 4 meters long, 175 centimeters wide, and the distance between the wheel axles is 252 centimeters.

Among the distinctive features obtained by this vehicle are the large panoramic roof, which gives passengers a distinct feeling of comfort while on the move, and the colors of the roof and aerodynamic spoilers that overlap with the basic color of the body in a distinctive way.

Fiat also equipped it with the latest modern multimedia systems capable of connecting to cellular networks, seat heating and cooling systems, remote engine start systems, anti-slip system, light and rain sensors, as well as front and rear distance sensors.

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The Pulse will be launched in the Brazilian market with three-cylinder turbocharged engines with a capacity of 1.0 liters, generating torque equivalent to 120 horsepower. speeds.

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