FilGoal | News | A victory for Russia .. UEFA obliges Ukraine to change its shirt for Euro 2020


The European Football Association (UEFA) has obliged the Ukrainian federation to change the national team shirt for Euro 2020.

The Ukrainian Football Federation had decided to put a map of Ukraine, including Crimea, which Russia annexed to its territory in 2014, on the shirt in which the Ukrainian national team will compete in the Euro 2020 tournament.

The words “Glory to Ukraine, glory to the heroes” were written on the inside of the shirt.

And the Russian Football Federation decided to file a complaint with “Wifa” in order to remove the map and the phrase, as a confusion between politics and football.

The phrase “Glory to Ukraine, glory to the heroes” is used as a salute within the Ukrainian army.

Therefore, UEFA decided to oblige the Ukrainian Federation to remove that phrase from the shirt, with the freedom to leave the map of Ukraine completely engraved.

Wifa said in an official statement today, Thursday: “The map engraved on the shirt is not a cause for concern, as it reflects the borders recognized by the United Nations. But the case is not the same for the phrase “Glory to Champions”“.

“Given the composition of that phrase which expresses a political nature, has historical and military significance, this specific emblem on the inside of the jersey must therefore be removed for use in matches in UEFA competitions, in accordance with Article 5 of the UEFA Equipment Regulations.”

Despite the victory of the European Union for the Russian desire with the decision to remove the political phrase, the decisions did not fully satisfy the Russian side due to the continued existence of the map of Ukraine that contains the Crimea.

The Honorary President of the Russian Football Federation commented in comments on the Russian Championate website, saying: “Wifa should publicly explain its decision to allow the shirt, this decision is completely inexplicable, they refer to the rules, but they do not apply them.”

While Kremlin spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on her account on Telegram: “Sport is not a battlefield, but a field of competition, be sports champions, and you will get glory, do it this way and not with national slogans.”

The region, which is located in southern Ukraine next to the Russian city of Krasnodar, has been disputed between the two countries for centuries.

Since the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, Crimea has been recognized as part of Ukraine, but Russia annexed it in 2014 and claims control of the region.

Despite Russias declaration that Crimea is annexed to its territory, the United Nations still recognizes it as Ukrainian territory and on more than one occasion has demanded that Russia completely withdraw its forces from the peninsula.

The Ukraine national team was placed in Group C along with the Netherlands, North Macedonia and Austria.

The Russian national team was placed in Group B along with Belgium, Finland and Denmark.


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