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Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wansh put his name in the hearts of Zamalek fans after he presented himself as one of the best and most loyal players in the team in previous seasons, and it was a gateway to his joining the Egyptian national team and booking a key seat next to Ahmed Hegazy.

Mahmoud Hamdi Al Wensh

Club: Zamalek


Egyptian League

And today, in light of the arrival of many foreign offers, Al-Wansh proved his affiliation again by officially renewing his contract with Zamalek until 2025.

The dedication of the winch and his fight on the field was evident in several clips that will remain engraved in the minds of Zamalek fans, when his name is mentioned. Monitoring you 7 unforgettable clips of Zamalek fans for the winch.

Rescue = African Super

In the African Super Cup, and before the end of the first half, Bilal Bin Saha received a pass on the left side to be unique to Mohamed Abu Jabal’s goal, but Al Wensh managed to catch up with Ben Saha and saved Zamalek from the equalizer, and contributed to Zamalek’s victory in the title.

Rescue in front of the Asyouty

In the 2016-2017 season and in the league championship and during the confrontation of Zamalek with Al-Assiouti “Pyramids Currently”, and in the last minute of the first half, Omar Bassam Al-Assiouty player passed from Ahmed Al-Shennawi and hit the ball, but the winch was present and saved the ball from the goal line, and kept Zamalek’s net clean Before Kasongo Kabongo scored the winning goal for the Whites in the second half away from the ground.

-Saving = Turning Match

Last season, and in the second round match against Al-Masry, Al-Wensh managed to save the ball superbly from the goal line, after Mahmoud Wadi headed a header against Abu Jabal in the 11th minute of the first half.

While the ball was heading towards the goal, the winch appeared and followed the ball in a typical way, using his chest to pave the way for Abu Jabal to catch it easily, to prevent the goal of progress for the Egyptian.

A few minutes later, Mahmoud Alaa scored the goal of Zamalek’s victory, which he would not have achieved easily had it not been for the rescue of the winch.

Agile Rescueإنقاذ

This season was also witness to a wonderful rescue from the winch. In the first round match against El Entag El Harb, specifically in the 16th round, Wench had another great rescue while Zamalek advanced with a goal.

After a wrong exit from Muhammad Abu Jabal, the ball passes to Mustafa Al-Badri, the military production player, who headed it towards the empty net, but the winch managed to catch the ball wonderfully before it reached the goal line.

Then, Zamalek managed to strengthen with a second goal through Hamid Haddad, to achieve victory and come out with a clean sheet.

Goal = Qualify

Last season and in the penultimate week, Zamalek managed to overturn a goal, to win two goals against one against Haras El Hodoud, and Al Wensh scored the winning goal in the 75th minute.

The winch goal was the main reason for Zamalek to qualify for the African Champions League this season, because Pyramids had stumbled in a draw against Al-Ahly, so the victory of Zamalek placed it in second place, ahead of Pyramids by one point.

Rescue = super Egyptian

In the Egyptian Super Cup last season, minutes before the end of the meeting, Junior Ajayi deflected Mohamed Abu Jabal’s goal, but the winch pounced and saved the ball brilliantly in front of him.

Saving the cradle of Zamalek’s victory in the championship after penalty shootout.

-No to celebrate

It is strange that a player with enthusiasm for the winch, you do not find him often in the pictures of the Zamalek goals celebrations.

The winch himself explained the reason that he did not celebrate the goals with his teammates on the field, while he was satisfied with staying in the half of the field, because of his pessimism about celebrating the goals, and delaying the celebration until the end of the match with victory.

Al Wensh has been with Zamalek since he joined in 2016 from Vanguard of the Army.

During that period, he contributed to the crowning of Zamalek with the African Confederation Cup, the Egypt Cup twice, the Egyptian Super Cup twice, the African Super Cup, as well as the friendly Egyptian-Saudi Super Cup.

In the Zamalek league, Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wansh


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