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Ahmed El-Mohammadi, a former Aston Villa player and the Egyptian national team, resolves the controversy over his future after he left the English club.

Al-Mohammadi announced a few days ago that he was leaving Aston Villa after the end of his contract with the club he played for for 4 seasons.

And some news spread indicating that he is close to returning to Egypt and joining Al-Ahly.

Ahmed El-Mohammadi explained the fact of his return to Egypt, as well as his relationship with Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star and captain of the Egyptian national team, Hossam El-Badri, the coach of the national team, and the Egyptian fans.

During a lengthy interview with On Sports, Al-Mohammadi said: “My contract with Aston Villa ended, I played 4 successful seasons with the team from the time he was playing in the second division until ascending to the Premier League and providing a great level and results last season, and I was completely satisfied with the period I spent with the team. “.

He added, “When a player from your country like Trezeguet is with you in professionalism, he represents a positive psychological factor, and I wish him to be able to continue professionally for the longest period after my departure from Aston Villa.”

He praised him, saying: “Trezeguet has a great opportunity to prove his feet more in the English Premier League and he will not find a better club than Aston Villa to appear with him at a distinguished level, and Aston Villa will be within the semi-finals next season.”

And about his relationship with Mohamed Salah, he said: “My relationship with Salah is wonderful and brotherly, and we talk constantly, meet and always communicate, and there is no truth at all about the existence of differences between us.”

He indicated, “My ambition is to retire in England and I will take my time to think about my future after the end of my career with Aston Villa to choose the best for me and my family. I have several offers and will continue my career in the Premier League.”

He revealed, “In my beginnings, I spoke and revealed that I support Al-Ahly, so when some news appears indicating my return to Egypt, my name is linked to Al-Ahly again.”

“Al-Ahly is a big club with great fans, and its name is well known in the world of football,” he added.

He continued his statements, “When I was a player in Ghazl El-Mahalla, Al-Ahly negotiated with me and also Zamalek, but I preferred to move to Enppi, and the matter was repeated again in 2015.”

“Aston Villa spoke to me to be part of the coaching and technical staff after my retirement from football,” he declared.

Exclusion from the Egyptian national team, the emblem crisis, and the dispute with the fans

Speaking about the Egyptian national team, he said: “I have been playing for the Egyptian national team since 2007 and have played 94 international matches and I am under the team’s command at any time and in the past period. I have not had any luck joining the team. This is Hossam El-Badri’s viewpoint and I fully respect it because he is working to find new players and his view must be respected and accept it.”

And he added, “Any player in the world wishes to be with his country, and as we see before the Euro, many European teams call back the big stars with experience.”

Regarding the captaincy, he said: “The choice of Mohamed Salah to be the captain of the team is very successful from Hossam Al-Badri, and since my professionalism in Europe, I have not seen the selection of the team leader according to the seniority system, but it is according to the player’s stardom, personality and influence in the team, and Al-Badri broke this rule.”

He stressed, “If I was with the Egyptian national team at the time Salah was chosen as the captain of the team, I would certainly accept that and fully agree to it.”

“I hope Salah will continue with Liverpool and I told him that because he made a big name here and he is in the best place for him,” he said.

Al-Mohammadi stressed, “There is no gap between me and the public, and in the last African Championship, I presented a good level and scored two goals, but the differences were far from football, and I talked about it previously and apologized to everyone.”

Regarding the right-back position in the national team, he said: “Mohamed Hani performs distinctly in the right-back position with the Egyptian national team, but he needs to have another player with experience next to him.”

Then he continued, “Ramadan Sobhi hurried to return to Egypt from professionalism and did not take his time with Stoke City and was negatively affected because he was still young.”

Finally, he talked about Al-Ahly’s career in the African Championship, saying: “Al-Ahly presented a good level in the African Championship, achieved important victories over great teams, and has a distinguished group of players in the offensive line. I wish him success and win the title.”

He concluded his statements, “Pyramids also provides good results in the Confederation and has a distinguished group of players, experiences and youth, and I hope to crown it with the championship title.”

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