FilGoal | News | Ahmed Mujahid: I will run for the presidency of the Football Association one day… and the difference between Al-Shennawi’s sentence and Imam Ashour


Ahmed Mujahid, head of the temporary committee for the management of the Football Association, revealed that he intends to run for the presidency of the Federation one day.

Mujahid believes that the league schedule that was announced until the last round would not have passed without objections had it not been for the last meeting.

Mujahid said on On Time Sports: “It is true that my presence is temporary, but I will be president of the Football Association one day. This is my goal that I set for myself years ago and I am working on it.”

He continued, “Days will prove that the change that took place and the arrival of the current committee was beneficial for Egyptian football.”

Mujahid explained, “I may disagree with the previous committee to manage the Football Association in some decisions, but the biggest mistake they made in my opinion was to cancel the relegation in the second degree and increase the number of teams again.”

He added, “After we were on our way to reduce the teams so that the second division league would be from one group in the future.”

Speaking about his decision to commute Muhammad Al-Shennawi’s sentence and not implement it with Imam Ashour, he explained, “The punishment of Imam Ashour and the five youths of Zamalek was from the Disciplinary Committee, and therefore I have no authority to interfere in reducing or increasing it.”

He continued, “As for the punishment of Muhammad Al-Shennawi, it was a decision of the Competitions Committee, and I have the right to intervene in reducing the penalty according to the regulations, as happened, for example, with Hossam Hassan and the Alexandrian Federation worker.”

Mujahid revealed, “I did not say that reducing Mohamed El-Shennawy’s penalty was for the public interest or because Al-Ahly will represent Egypt in the Club World Cup. The penalty for the local player has nothing to do with the World Cup in the first place, but my statements were cut off. “.

Speaking about the league season, he said: “Any beginner knows that the league table this season is not perfect. But why? Because of the late end of last season and the delay in the beginning of the current season. Therefore, I am still in my opinion that the correct solution was not to complete the last season.”

“All clubs will play the last 6 matches and the number of their matches is equal. They will play the last 3 matches at the same time.”

Mujahid stressed, “The schedule that was issued today for the league would not have gone unnoticed and without the clubs’ objections without the meeting we held with them and explained the situation to them, so that they would be aware of the full picture.”

He concluded his statements, “Once the promotions and relegators are determined for the next season, we will have a great opportunity to elect a club association to run the competition.”


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