FilGoal | News | Basketball – A step towards qualification .. Zamalek repeats its victory over Al-Jazira in the Super League semi-finals


Zamalek beat Al-Jazira 73-71 in the second match of the Basketball Super League semi-finals.

The match extended to an extra game after the two teams tied 64-64 in the original time.

Thus, Zamalek repeated their victory over Al-Jazira and advanced 2-0 in the semi-final matches.

Zamalek had defeated Al-Jazira in the first match, with a score of 85-83.

The semi-finals of the Super Basketball League will be held at the Burj Al Arab Hall, according to the Best Of 5 system.

The winner of this confrontation qualifies to meet Al-Ittihad in the final of the tournament, after defeating Al-Ahly in 3 consecutive matches in the semi-finals.

The loser will play against Al-Ahly for the third place.

Meeting details

Quick start

Zamalek started the match strongly and advanced 7-0 after a double from Ali Hegazy, a triple from Mohab Yasser and two points from Anas Osama.

Then James Justice, Al-Jazira player, scored a hat-trick and then two points to reduce the difference.

Al-Jaziras control continued, and it was scored by Rumaih Sameh and Justice, to advance 16-9.

And Rumaih Sameh scored for Al Jazeera and Islam Salem added a triple to Zamalek.

Rumaih returned and scored two points, and Karim Al-Dahshan responded by three, ending the first period with a score of 20-15 for Al-Jazira.


The second period was very exciting.

Mostafa Shaout scored a double for Al-Jazira, Walter Hodge responded with a three-pointer to Zamalek, then Hodge returned and scored 3 free throws to make the score 21-27 for Al-Jazira.

Then Mohab Yasser scored two points and a free throw for Zamalek, in addition to a hat-trick from Ali Hegazy, making the score 27-32.

And he dribbled past Justice and passed to Ahmed Sami to score two points and get an extra free throw.

Then Ahmed Hatem scored a hat-trick for Zamalek, and Mustafa Kejo scored a free throw and missed the other before scoring two points at the end of the second period, making the score 33-36 for the island.

white back

Islam Salem scored a hat-trick for Zamalek, after which Mustafa Shaout took advantage of a free throw and failed to exploit the other, so the result was 42-49 for the island.

And Anas Osama passed a wonderful ball to Ahmed Yasser to score a double.

Then Ahmed Yasser scored a hat-trick to reduce the difference for Zamalek.

And then Walter Hodge scored a hat-trick to lead Zamalek 52-49 at the end of the third period.

the balance

Justice scored two points for Al Jazeera, to reduce the difference, but Zamalek returned and scored again before Anas Osama took advantage of Walter Hodge’s wonderful pass and scored two points.

Then Islam Salem missed two points very easily, after he was alone in the basket, to return Al Jazira with a triple, which he advanced with a score of 57-58.

And Justis scored a double and then a triple for the island to widen the difference.

Then Hodge broke through and scored two points in addition to the free throw he got, making the score 62-63 for the island.

And Anas Osama got two free throws, but he missed them.

Then Justice missed a free throw and scored the other to make the score 64-62.

Islam Salem equalized for Zamalek 6 seconds before the end of the match, to end in a draw, and an additional time was resorted to.

extra time

Walter Hodge continued to shine and scored a hat-trick for Zamalek, advancing 67-64.

Then Ahmed Ismail scored two points and got an additional free throw, but he missed it.

Hodge returned and scored a double and then scored the additional free throw to make the score 70-66.

Assem Al-Jundi responded and scored a triple for Al-Jazeera, and Anas Osama missed two free throws for Zamalek, before Rami Hijazi scored a throw and wasted the other for Al-Abyad.

Justice scored two free throws to tie Al Jazira 71-71.

But 15 seconds before the end of the match, Hodge scored two points for Zamalek, and Islam Salem missed two free throws to make Zamalek win the match.


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