FilGoal | News | Basketball ended – Zamalek (74) – (69) Al-Ittihad.. the second victory for Al-Abyad


present to you Live coverage of the match between Zamalek and Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, in the third match of the Super League final series.

The end of the match, with Zamalek winning against Al Ittihad of Alexandria. 2-1 in total matches so far for Zamalek.

72-69 for Zamalek 14 seconds left until the end.

s. 1:53 – 67-66 for the Federation.

s. 2:23 – 65-64 for Zamalek.

s. 4:30 – 60-59 for Zamalek.

Beginning of the fourth period

end of the third period

Union reduces the difference at the end of the third period. 50-46 for Zamalek.

s. 0:59 – 50-40 for Zamalek.

s. 4:18 – 44-37 for Zamalek.

s. 6:38 Omar Hisham was completely excluded from the match after the second technical error on him.

K.6:50 – 36-36

s. 7:47 – 36-34 for Zamalek.

The beginning of the third period

The end of the first half

Time out and 27 seconds left

s. 1:10 – 33-28 for Zamalek.

s. 1:35 – 31-28 for Zamalek.

s. 4 27-26 for Zamalek. Zamalek’s first progress

s. 4 – 26-26 first draw.

s. 6 – 26-24 for the Federation

Beginning of the second period

End of the first period الفترة

12-20 for the association with the end of the first period.

s. 3 triple for Zamalek. 8-12 for the union.

s. 7 Zamalek scores for the first time .. 9-3 for Al-Ittihad.

s. 7 Al-Ittihad is leading 9-0 over Zamalek.

s. 8 Walter Hodge is injured and the player is receiving treatment.

start of the match

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