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Al-Ahly plays against Al-Ittihad in the second match of the semi-final series of the Super Basketball League.

In the first match, Al-Ittihad defeated Al-Ahly 71-58 and needs two matches to qualify for the final.

The semi-final matches will be held at the Burj Al Arab Hall on the Best Of 5 system, meaning the winner of three matches qualifies for the final.


Al-Ittihad achieves its second victory over Al-Ahly

71-65 and the end of the match

66-63 for Al-Ittihad after a fatal triple from Marvel Harris, with 30 seconds remaining

61-60 left 2:03

61-58 Lalithad Wamatbaki 3:18

61-55 Lalathad Wamatqi 4:30

Fourth period

51-46 for the Federation and the end of the third period

46-42 Al-Ittihad, 3 minutes left

third period

end of the second period

29-29 tie

29-27 for Al-Ittihad, with 37 seconds left

27-22 Al-Ittihad, 5 minutes left

second period

19-14 for the Federation and the end of the first period

The first period

kick off the match

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