FilGoal | News | Because of the land and the symbol… the story of renewed hostility between England and Argentina before Euro 2012


In 2012, in the midst of England’s preparations for the Euro, we were in for a new chapter in the historic England-Argentina feud.

An advertisement for the England national team before the tournament. It shows Diego Armando Maradona sweeping the floor of the England Fan Academy.

What is Maradonas relationship to the euro? Why is England, Argentina, involved in its propaganda for a European championship in which Argentina will not participate? This we will know.

The academy is the idea of ​​advertising. 3 fans on a tour inside an academy to teach England fans the art of cheerleading before the tournament.

And why Argentina specifically? Because the country of Maradona was the initiator of provocations in their opinion.

The Argentines launched a major boycott campaign against the advertising company “Carlesberg”, with demands for an official apology for insulting their symbol.

As for why England acted, that is why.

__ _

The enmity between England and Argentina has many chapters, and the secret is always in two things. Falklands, the ball.

The Falklands are an autonomous group of islands. The dispute between Argentina and England over it has been going on for many years. In the military conflict over it in 1982, England won a resounding victory.

Do you remember Maradonas historic goal in England in the 1986 World Cup? About them he said “In the first goal, I felt like I was running and passing by the British occupation soldiers, as the resistance was doing.”

Watch: Diego Maradona's 'Goal of the Century' against England in 1986 World Cup

And about the second goal with his hand, Maradona said “It is the hand of the Lord”. The intent of Maradonas statement here is that it is the hand of justice against the English occupier in his view.

Summer 2012 was very hot. Olympics in London, Euros in Poland and Ukraine, and it was also the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War.

Every sporting event like that, of course, is accompanied by great advertising campaigns.

aFor Argentina chose propaganda for its cause through the Olympics.

Before the Olympics, Argentina launched an advertisement for the tournament of Fernando Zilberberg, the Argentine hockey player and Olympic participant.

Advertising begins for sightings on an island beach. Fernando gets out of his house and starts jogging as part of his training.

Shows England’s historic telephone booth, and a large clock resembling a Big Ben.

The ad ends with a sentence To compete on English soil, we train on Argentine soil.. In reference to the dependence of the Falklands Island on Argentina.

Argentinas announcement angered the English severely. And it came to political skirmishes also between the two governments.

The Argentine government commented, “Our delegation will travel to England for sporting representation only, with full belief that the Falkland Islands are entirely Argentine.”

The English response was…

One of the promotional advertisements for the Argentina national team before the tournament, his idea was to tour 3 young Englishmen in the cheerleading arts academy for the England fans.

And in the middle of the ad, a lookalike Maradona appeared from his back, sweeping the floor.

Mop of God: Argentine anger over Carlsberg beer ad that shows Diego Maradona scrubbing floors for England football fans | Daily Mail Online

Only two seconds were enough, as there were strong angry protests from the Argentine fans. I reached out to boycott campaigns for this product.

After exchanging hints in advertisements, and objections. In the end, Fernando Zilberberg was missing from Argentinas final Olympic hockey team squad.

On the other hand, England did not last longer than the quarter-finals at Euro 2012 as usual.


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