FilGoal | News | Ceramica: Zamalek did not contact us to include Mohamed Ibrahim.. This is the reality of the request to contract with Bwalya


Moataz El-Batawy, the sporting director of Ceramica Cleopatra Club, denied Zamalek’s desire to include Mohamed Ibrahim, the playmaker of his team.

Al-Batawi said on Ontime Sports: “Until this moment, Zamalek has not contacted us about the inclusion of Mohamed Ibrahim, and we only hear these gossip on social media.”

He added, “If there is an official offer from Zamalek to Mohamed Ibrahim, we will discuss it with the technical staff and whether the player will need it in the coming seasons or not, especially since his contract has two seasons left.”

And he continued, “If the technical staff agrees to the player’s departure, the board of directors will study this matter well before making the final decision.”

And he moved to talk about reports of his club’s desire to include Walter Bwalya, the Al-Ahly striker, saying: “There was no communication between us and Al-Ahly to include Walter Bwalya.”

He stressed, “But Ceramica Cleopatra did not communicate with Al-Ahly about the inclusion of Walter Bwalya.”

He continued, “Ahmed Yasser Rayan is focused with full force to participate in the Olympics, and he is already presenting a distinguished level with us.”

He continued, “We hope that Ahmed Rayan will continue with us, because he is a strong addition to the team’s attack, but if Al-Ahly requests his return, we will not be able to refuse that because he is the player of the Red Club.”

He concluded his statements, “In the event that Ahmed Yasser Rayan returns to Al-Ahly, we may join one of the Red Team’s attackers instead.”


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