FilGoal | News | Contractors: Al-Jaziri is entitled to Zamalek according to the contracts… and we are waiting for Al-Ahly’s last payment in the Taher deal


Imad Al-Nahhas and Mohamed Adel in the Arab Contractors Authority

Muhammad Adel, the general supervisor of the football team at the Arab Contractors, revealed the position of Seif Al-Din Al-Jaziri regarding the transfer to Zamalek permanently, revealing the date of the last installment of Al-Ahly to pay the value of the Taher Muhammad Taher deal.

Seif El-Din Al-Jaziri had moved to Zamalek on loan until the end of the season.

Mohamed Adel told “on time sports 2” channel: “Zamalek paid 8 million to borrow the player.”

He stressed, “After the last matches, Al-Jaziri obtained his position in the Zamalek club.”

He continued, “There will be no negotiations with Zamalek about activating the contract until after the end of the Egyptian League.”

He added, “Al-Jaziri did not receive any foreign offers, but the offers will come to him because of his recent level with Zamalek and the Tunisian national team.”

He stressed, “If Zamalek pays 12 million, he will get Al-Jaziri, even if we get larger financial offers. We respect the contracts, and this is Zamalek’s right according to the contract concluded between us.”

Regarding the financial details of Taher Mohamed Taher’s transfer deal to Al-Ahly, he said: “There is a remaining installment for Al-Ahly in the deal, and the date for its payment is on June 15th.”

“But there are some variables, such as his participation in matches, scoring goals, winning trophies, and playing for the first and Olympic team.”


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