FilGoal | News | Does he support the ranks of Rome? Romero admits his desire to return to the Italian League


Former Manchester United goalkeeper Sergio Romero has admitted he is leaning towards Italy or England in his next move.

Romero became a free player now after Manchester United announced the player’s departure, and his name was previously linked with the Roma team.

“United has announced my departure and I am now working to find out where my next destination is?” Romero said in a live chat via Instagram, carried by the position of Football Italia.

He continued, “I have many offers in Europe, all the clubs that negotiated with me from Europe, but we will see what is the best option.”

“My next destination may be Italy or England, but if it is Spain, it will be a new experience for me,” Romero revealed.

Romero previously played in the Italian league with Sampdoria.

Romero concluded his statements, “I have to think also about my daughters who are growing up.”

Romero is 34 years old and has moved to Manchester United since 2015.

Romero played for Sampdoria from 2011 to 2015, including a loan period in Monaco.


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