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The Argentine Olympic team beat its Saudi counterpart 2-0 in a friendly, in preparation for the football competitions in the Tokyo Olympics next month.

Argentina, the champion of South America, is in the same group with Egypt, the champions of Africa, Spain, the European champions, and Australia, the third in Asia.

The Tango double came through Pedro Della Vega, Argentine playmaker Lanos, in the 59th minute, and Adolfo Gaic, the Italian striker, Benevento, in the 77th minute.

The Saudi national team had completed the last twenty minutes with incomplete after the expulsion of Nasser Al-Omran.

The match was held in the Spanish city of Marbella, which witnessed the presence of more than one team preparing for the Olympic tournament.

The Argentine national team had outperformed its Danish counterpart a few days ago, with two goals to one in stoppage time. (See details)

Yesterday, the Egyptian team beat its South African counterpart, 2-0, in preparation for the Olympic tournament, and will play another meeting next Sunday. (See details)


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