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It’s been half a century since the Three Lions last reached a final at a major international stage, and since then England’s fourth-place finish at the 1990 and 2018 World Cups has been their best performance on the big stage.

Like any English team, the media stands behind it and puts a huge amount of pressure on it, sometimes unrealistically and exaggeratedly. English fans thought they had the trophy in 2018, and actually sang “She’s Coming Home” before suffering a shock defeat to Croatia In the semi-finals, questions are still being asked about England manager Gareth Southgate’s ability to win titles, as he has never done before in his coaching career. provides you with an explanation of how the England team plays with its coach Gareth Southgate and how it depends on the constellation of stars that are with him.

To qualify for Euro 2020, England had a fairly easy group alongside the Czech Republic, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Montenegro. The team topped its group with 21 points, with 7 wins and one defeat against the Czech Republic, the team scored 37 goals and averaged 4.6 goals per match One while he conceded 6 times in 8 matches.

In the qualifiers, only Belgium managed to score more goals than England by 40 goals, while the Italian team scored the same number of England goals, but for Belgium and Italy the number of their matches was 10 compared to 8 matches for England.

England have arguably the best depth in the roster among all the squads, perhaps France and Italy are the only ones they can truly rival, England’s squad has enough quality to keep opponents out of their way with ease.

Southgate relies on two methods with the England team, the first is 4-3-3 and the second 3-4-3 depending on the opponents.

In the starting lineup, Jordan Pickford remains the first choice, and in the right-back position, Kyle Walker will partner with Luke Shaw or Ben Chilwell in the left-back position.

During the qualifiers and in the decisive matches we saw Harry Maguire as a left center back alongside John Stones, and it also seems that the inclusion of Conor Cody and Tyrone Mings could be in the team’s interest as Southgate always wants his central defenders to be good on the ball.

Declan Rice and Jordan Henderson represent the midfield duo, but Southgate will have to make the decision about the participation of Henderson, who has suffered a lot from injuries this season, with his club Liverpool, so we may see Calvin Phillips next to Rice in the middle, if Southgate needs support from the bench, he will find the young man with the 17 years old, Jude Bellingham of Borussia Dortmund is present.

Up front, the England national team has a variety of players, but at the moment no one on the list can replace Harry Kane or Mason Mount, but the presence of players like Jadon Sancho, Phil Foden, Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford, Raheem Sterling and Jack Grealish will surely ensure Southgate Diverse front line.

England press with a high block 5-2-3 if their structure is 3-4-3, and 4-4-2 if their structure is 4-3-3, Southgate uses a directional pressure method for the block or place, where players maintain their shape and transform Towards the ball in a fixed block, they do not press aggressively against the ball carrier, but rather control the space around where the ball is located, then press furiously when the ball is played into the tight spaces within the block.

Here against Denmark the team structure was 3-4-3, so pressing 5-2-3, Mount gets very close to Kane trying to close the passing angle towards the Denmark midfielder, this contraction prevents the opponent from attempting a vertical pass in the center.

When the Denmark central defender passes the ball to his teammate, Mount begins to move quickly, then Kane leaves the central defender who passed the ball and immediately goes to monitor the midfielder, when the central defense passes to the right-back, the England winger Maitland rises to put pressure on him, after the full-back has been surrounded it will be difficult He has to pass to the midfielder because then the England players will put a pressure trap, so he will have to play the long ball.

Switching from high to medium block, the team switches to 5-4-1, with players covering and protecting their areas by getting close to the ball-carrying player without pressing too aggressively.

Here against Austria, the team structure was 4-3-3, so 4-4-2 pressure was applied, and in the same way as the pressure directed to the place.

On possession, the team’s form is not different in the initial phase of building play in the two structures except that Southgate uses an asymmetrical 4-3-3 structure where his right-back Kyle Walker turns into a third center back while the other full-back blasts forward.

The defensive trio pass the ball horizontally several times to find a hole that either of them can use to move forward, here they had to wait 30 seconds until Kyle Walker found space to pass on James.

Here Maguire found a loophole to pass towards Mason Mount in the left half space.

Here again, Walker found a loophole to pass towards Mount in the right half space.

Often, the central defenders resort to the longitudinal pass towards the sides to break the pressure of the opponents. Their high passing accuracy makes them do this easily, here the central defender Cody sends a long pass towards James on the side line.

Here, Walker sends a long pass to Maitland on the other side.

When England get out of the opponent’s pressure and turn to the second stage in possession, they tend to create an overload at the flanks, with the central central defender close to one of the central duo, with the winger and the wing back, it becomes easier for them to break through.

Here James passes the spotter by two players to Walker, one of the two midfield pairs will start Phillips going inside the field to pull his marker.

James would head from the sideline into the right half space, while Mount would keep the sideline ready to run, as a result of which Walker would find an inner lane to pass to James and then start creating a numerical advantage on the periphery.

Once again after Maguire passes the ball to Sterling at the end, Chilwell will run behind him on the sideline.

Sterling passes the ball towards Mount and then starts running into the penalty area to pull the Poland defenders with him.

As a result, a space is created at the tip in which Mount passes toward Chilwell.

Again, here Chilwell takes Sterling’s role and runs into the area to pull the midfielder, leaving a horizontal path for Sterling through which he can pass and play the cross.

One of the great advantages that England have over others is the presence of Harry Kane, his vital role in falling in the middle and participating in the playmaking industry makes the team unpredictable, which is of course apart from his amazing potential as a capable goalscorer in the penalty area.

Southgate tries to make the most of Kane by making him the main point of contact between the players, here the team creates an overload at the tip, but the presence of a large number of Denmark players will prevent them from doing what they want, so Kane will cross towards Rice.

Once that happens, Walker will bounce back, and Rice will start raising his face to look for the next pass, noticing Kane’s move into the area and Mount ready to use his body to move.

Rice will start adjusting his body position to pass towards Mount, Kane will take some extra steps to pull the defender away, Rice will pass towards Mount in the empty space so the team succeeds in creating a promising position.

Here again against Austria, Kane falls to receive Trippier’s pass.

He will start using his body position and rotation and then camouflage that he is going to make a back pass at Rice.

But he tricks the Austria midfielder and passes inside, then passes a long diagonal pass to Arnold in the empty space.

Here again, Kane awaits Trippier’s pass, considering in advance that he will create a direct connection with Saka.

Once a tripper passes to Kane, the latter makes a one-touch pass to Saka.

One of the England national team’s biggest flaws is the spaces behind the backs, i.e. between the center back and the full back, especially behind the left back.

Clear central spaces also appear during mid-block defense, with the two-axle tilting slightly to the periphery, leaving plenty of space in the center and half of the space on the other side of the field.

The England national team has stars in every position on the field with a better line of defense than ever, if Southgate can create harmony between these stars and add to them the possibility of taking advantage of open play that did not appear completely in the last tournament, apart from mastering the set pieces, then This team will pose a real and frightening threat to the competitors.


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