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A few days separate the England team from its tenth appearance in the European Nations Championships.

England will participate in the European Nations 2020 with one goal, which is to get rid of the title of “Champion of Negative Records in the Euro”, and to erase the bad memories of the three lions in the tournament.

During the previous 9 participations of the England team in the Euro Championships, he did not win the title not once, and his greatest achievement was getting third place.

Other than that, England have set many, many negative, not positive, records in the tournament.

So much so, that you would simply call England the ‘Negative Euro Record Champion’.

And now, when the England national team plays in the Euro 2020, which is hosted by many countries in Europe, the Three Lions will try to get rid of this title and that will only happen by winning the cup.

The England team will try to arm itself with all its matches in the group stage at Wembley Stadium, as well as select the same stadium to host the semi-final and final matches, in order to fight for the title.

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Qualifying Journey

England qualified for Euro 2020 after leading the first group of qualifiers, which included the Czech Republic, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Montenegro.

England scored 21 points in the qualifiers to lead the group with 7 wins and one loss against the Czech Republic.

The three Lions players scored 37 goals in the qualifiers and conceded only 6 goals.

He has the second strongest attacking line in the qualifiers, with 37 goals, equal to Italy, and behind Belgium, who scored 40 goals.

Post history

England Euro 96 squad: Who played and who scored on Three Lions' run to semi-finals | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard

The England national football team has participated in 9 Euros and will make its 10th appearance in the next tournament.

England refused to participate in the first edition of the European Championship in 1960 and failed to qualify for the second edition of the tournament in 1964.

He scored his first Euro participation in 1968 in Italy and achieved third place. It is the best achievement of the English national team.

England’s second best participation in the Euros was in 1996, when they reached the semi-finals of the tournament they hosted. Before losing to Germany on penalties.

In general, the England national team played in the Euros 31 matches, during which it won 10, received 10 losses and drew 11 times.

The England team has scored 40 goals in the Euros so far, and conceded 35 goals.

Negative record numbers

Here we come to the most important part of the England national team, which is the many negative records written in its name in the history of the Euro tournaments.

The England national team has many records in the Euro, the most negative of which are as mentioned before.

Here are some figures for England’s participation in the Euro:

The England team is the most ranked team from fifth to eighth in the history of the Euro 5 times.

The England team ranked third for the longest period of time between qualifying for the semi-finals in the Euro since 1968 until 1996 and for 28 consecutive years. It is preceded by the national teams of Italy and Spain.

The England national team is the most ranked team in the top eight in the history of the Euro without ever winning the title.

England is the team that has qualified for the semi-finals and has not reached the final twice.

The England team is also the most qualified team for the playoffs without reaching the final 9 times.

The England national team is also the most successful team that has left the tournament from the group stage with 3 times in 1980, 1988 and 1992.

The England team is the most team that has left the tournament without losing a match twice, in 1996 and 2012.

England is the team that has lost the most matches in a single tournament with 3 matches in 1988, equally with several other teams.

England is the team with the most consecutive matches in the Euro, scoring at least one goal for 11 matches.

It is also the team that has lost the most penalty shootouts in the European Championships by 3 times. Equally with Holland and Italy.

Nickname – The Three Lions

The nickname of the Three Lions for England goes back to the ancient England flag in the Middle Ages, which had a red color with three lions painted on it.

After the founding of the Football Association, the Football Association took the Three Lions as its emblem, and it was the first shirt in which the England national team played in 1982 against Scotland with the Three Lions logo.

Since that day, the three lions have become the emblem of the English national team and their title.

Coach – Gareth Southgate

The Ambition Trophygate Gareth Southgate Harry Kane History in the Making A Player in History el Matador A Salute to the Generals – Chester Manero

Gareth Southgate has been coaching the England national team since 2016, after he came as interim coach, succeeding coach Sam Allardyce, before becoming the permanent coach of the Three Lions.

Southgate, 50, began his coaching career in 2006 with Middlesbrough before taking over the England youth team in 2013.

Southgate remained with the England youth team until he took charge of the England first team.

Southgate led England to a major achievement in their first group tournament when they finished the 2018 World Cup in Russia in fourth place.

Under Southgate’s leadership, England played 52 matches, with 34 wins, 8 draws, and 10 defeats.

As for his football career with the England national team, Southgate participated with the Triple Lions in the 1996 and 2000 Euros, and also in the 1998 World Cup.

Coach ideas and gameplay و

Southgate began his training career with the England national team, relying on the 3-5-2 method by pushing with three defenses, and he continued to rely on this method until the end of the 2018 World Cup, after he finished fourth.

After the 2018 World Cup, Southgate changed the England team’s game plan and relied on the 4-3-3 method, due to the availability of many good elements in the midfield and attack.

Indeed, Southgate has made a distinguished performance with the England national team after the 2018 World Cup until now.

Southgate also enjoys the support of the press and media in England due to what he reached with the national team at the World Cup, as well as his distinguished results in the past years help him obtain the support of everyone in England.

Southgate’s contract with England extends beyond the 2022 World Cup, and certainly the results of the Three Lions in the Euro 2020 tournament and then the World Cup in Qatar will largely determine Southgate’s future with them.

England stars

Euro 2020: UEFA set to expand squads – so what does that mean for Gareth Southgate's England? | Football News | Sky Sports

England enters the Euro 2020 tournament with a distinguished group of stars, but certainly the most important star is Harry Kane, the Tottenham striker and the captain of the Three Lions.

Harry Kane became the captain of the England national team starting from the 2018 World Cup and won the title of top scorer during this tournament.

Harry Kane, 27, has played 53 international matches with the England national team, during which he scored 34 goals.

He is the top scorer of the current generation of the English national team.

The second star or player most counted on by England fans in the national team is Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling.

Sterling leads England’s attack alongside Harry Kane, who has participated with the Three Lions so far in 61 international matches, during which he scored 14 goals.

Sterling is the most capped England player of the current generation.

The player who is the third star of the England team is Harry Maguire, who leads the defense.

Maguire, the Manchester United defender, starred with the Three Lions in the last World Championship when he was a defender for Leicester City.

He played in the England shirt 32 international matches, during which he scored 3 goals.

In addition to the previous three names, the England national team includes another group of stars such as Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford, Manchester City winger Phil Foden, Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson and Jadon Sancho, who is from Borussia Dortmund.

Among the England squad, 6 players who have participated in the Euros before are Kyle Walker, Harry Kane, Jordan Henderson, Raheem Sterling and Marcus Rashford.

England at Euro 2020

England is in Group D, along with Scotland, Croatia and the Czech Republic.

And he opens his matches against Croatia on June 13 at Wembley Stadium, which hosts all the three Lions matches in the groups.

Then he faces Scotland on June 18, and finally plays the Czech Republic on June 22.

The fourth group is one of the strong groups in the tournament, as it includes two teams that reached the semi-finals of the last World Cup, namely England, fourth-placed, and Croatia, runner-up.

The group will also witness a strong confrontation awaited between England and Scotland, which is the oldest and fiercest international match between two teams, due to the historical conflict between them that also extended to football.

Expected formation

To a large extent, England coach Gareth Southgate will rely on the 4-3-3 method in which he played most of the matches in the past years.

Provided that the basic composition consists of:

Goalkeeper: Jordan Pickford.

Defenders: Kyle Walker – John Stones – Harry Maguire – Ben Chilwell.

Midfield: Declan Rice – Mason Mount – Calvin Phillips.

Forwards: Phil Foden, Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling.

It is possible that some players will be pushed mainly in the previous formation, such as Kieran Trippier instead of Kyle Walker, Henderson instead of Phillips, Jadon Sancho instead of Foden, and Rashford instead of Sterling.


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