FilGoal | News | Enppi President: Karim Fouad’s loan contract has expired.. This is the value of our dues to Al-Ahly from his inclusion in Hamdi Fathi


Mostafa El-Amir, president of Enppi Club, revealed that Karim Fouad’s loan contract to the petroleum team of the stars had already expired at the end of last May.

The president of the Enppi club spoke to “Sada Al-Balad” channel, saying: “The contract to loan Karim Fouad from the stars to us was for two years and ended on 30-5 last.”

And he added, “We had the right to buy before any team, and we had to pay 15 million pounds to include him permanently, and we do not have enough liquidity, so we did not include him permanently.”

And about whether Karim Fouad is still on the strength of Enppi Club after the expiration of his loan period, “This is something I cannot talk about, when we signed with the stars, the league was going well, but now there are delays.”

He continued, “Because of Corona and the many delays, I do not think that Karim will stay with us until the end of the season.”

And on whether there are additional incomes and incentives that Enppi receives from Salah Mohsen joining Al-Ahly, he replied, “There is nothing, Hamdi Fathi is the one who gives us additions that we get from Al-Ahly when he joins the national team or is crowned with championships.”

And he concluded, “We have 3 million pounds left with Al-Ahly from his inclusion by Hamdi Fathi, and we get additions if he joins the team and crowns the championships. As for Salah Mohsen, all the costs of his transfer to Al-Ahly are over, and we have no right to additions.”


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