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Denmark’s Christian Eriksen spoke for the first time since his famous fall during his country’s match against Finland at Euro 2020.

Eriksen suffered a sudden fall during the match between Denmark and Finland in the first round of Euro 2020.

“I thank you, I will not give up, I feel better now, I just want to understand what happened,” Eriksen said in comments reported by his manager to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I want to thank you all for everything you’ve done for me,” added the Inter player.

For his part, Morten Posen, the Denmark national team doctor, revealed that Christian Eriksen, the team player, suffered a temporary cardiac arrest.

Posen refused to explain what happened, stressing that he was not a cardiologist and would leave it to the experts.

“We have no explanation for what happened in Eriksen’s case,” Posen told a news conference. “I’m not a cardiologist.”

“I can’t say why this happened, I’ll leave that to the experts,” the Denmark doctor added.

“Eriksen went into cardiac arrest, he was gone and we did CPR and got him back, it was very fast,” Morten Posen revealed.

On the player’s current condition, he said: “Eriksen is awake and answers questions clearly.”

He concluded his statements, “His heart is beating again and one of the reasons for his continuation in the hospital is to know what happened.”

The match was stopped after the player was taken to the hospital, before it resumed after a long pause.

The match ended with Finland’s victory over Denmark with a goal without a response in the first participation of the Finnish team.

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