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If we exclude Spain from the group, we will find a link between the other teams, which is the lack of any victory in the European Nations Cup knockout rounds.

In the fifth group of Euro 2020, the teams of: Spain, Sweden, Poland and Slovakia will play to meet the team that won the most title, which is Spain, with teams that do not have any history in the tournament, and not only the playoffs.

Spain, which participated in 10 previous editions of the tournament out of 15, won the title 3 times, equaling Germany as the most successful team in the tournament.

Spain won the title in its first participation in 1964, and waited 44 years to win its second title in 2008, and maintained it in 2012, which has not happened before in the history of the Euro.

As for Sweden and Poland, like Slovakia, they did not achieve any victory in the knockout rounds of the tournament.

Although Poland surpassed Switzerland in the round of 16 during Euro 2016, the superiority of the Poles was due to penalty kicks, after the match ended in a positive tie with a goal for each team.

It is the only time that Poland has passed the group stage after two participations in 2008 and 2012.

As for Sweden, despite reaching the semi-finals at Euro 1992, which witnessed its participation in the tournament for the first time, it did not win the playoffs.

Although the tournament was held on its stadiums – from 8 teams in two groups – it lost to Germany in the semi-finals, after France, Denmark and England topped the first group.

She did not succeed in crossing the group stage in tournaments: 2000, 2008, 2012 and 2016, and in Euro 2004, and she was eliminated from the quarter-finals after losing to the Netherlands on penalties.

While the situation of Slovakia would have seemed different had it not been for the separation from the Czech Republic in 1993.

Slovakia did not participate in the European Nations Championship until 2016, but it was eliminated from the round of 16 after losing to Germany.

But Czechoslovakia was one of the continent’s strongest teams.

Czechoslovakia won the championship in 1976, in addition to achieving third place in: 1960 and 1980.

Slovakia played a major role in the only title achieved by Czechoslovakia at the expense of West Germany, when Antonin Panenka scored his famous kick against Sepp Maier, which became a record.

Because 8 players from the Czechoslovak squad against West Germany were from Slovakia.

Had it not been for the separation, the number of titles in the group would have increased to 4 instead of 3.

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Post history

SpainParticipation in the tournament for the eleventh time, to be the most participating team in the European Championship and has previously won the title 3 times.

SwedenShe is participating in the tournament for the seventh time in its history, but has never won the title.

Reaching the golden square was Sweden’s best result in the history of the tournament when it hosted the tournament in 1992, the version that witnessed its first participation in the competition.

PolandShe is participating for the third time in a row in the tournament, and reaching the quarter-finals of Euro 2016 is her best achievement in the tournament.

Slovakia: participates for the second time in the tournament under the name of Slovakia.

The road to Euro 2020

Spain: It topped Group F in the qualifiers for the tournament with 26 points after 8 wins and two draws, scored 31 goals and conceded 5 goals in 10 matches.

SwedenIt came second behind Spain in Group F, with 21 points, after 6 wins, 3 draws and a loss (against Spain), scored 23 goals and conceded 9.

PolandIt topped Group G with 25 points after 8 wins, a draw and a defeat, scored 18 goals and conceded 5.

SlovakiaShe finished third in Group E after collecting 13 points from 4 victories, 1 draw and 3 defeats, scoring 13 goals and conceding 11.

Slovakia will enter the qualification play-off with the knockout system with the teams: Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Ireland.

Slovakia defeated the Republic of Ireland 4-2 on penalties after a 0-0 draw in the semi-finals.

In the Euro qualifying match, they beat Northern Ireland 2-1 after resorting to extra games.


SpainLuis Enrique, 51, has been coaching the national team since November 2019 after returning after his first term, which began in July 2018 and ended in March 2019 due to family circumstances.

Enrique did not supervise Spain in the Euro qualifiers, but returned after its end and in total, he coached the national team in 17 matches, winning 9, drawing 5 and losing 3.

Enrique prefers a 4-3-3 game, with short ground passing and possession.

Sweden: Jan Andersson, 58, has been in charge of the national team since June 2016, and succeeded in leading the team to qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

Anderson led Sweden in 59 matches, winning 30, drawing 12 and losing 17, and it depends on the 4-4-2 method.

PolandPortugal’s Paulo Sousa, 50, will lead Poland in the tournament, after he contracted to coach the national team in January 2021.

Sousa has led Poland in only 4 matches, including 3 in the World Cup qualifiers, winning one match, losing the same and drawing twice.

During his previous matches with the national team, he relied on 4-4-2 and 3-5-2 methods.

SlovakiaAfter serving as assistant coach, interim coach and technical director, Stefan Tarkovic, 48, took over Slovakia in an official capacity in October of 2020.

Tarkovic led Slovakia in 7 matches, won 3, drew in the same and lost one, and during these meetings he used plans: 4-1-4-1 and 4-2-3-1.

group stars

In the absence of Sergio Ramos and the absence of Andres Iniesta, he is no longer for Spain A shining star in this generation that combines elements of experience that were not stars in the net before, and promising young elements.

Just as Spain plays collectively, the national team has more than one player fit to be the star of the team.

there Thiago Alcantara The Liverpool midfielder, who played 41 caps, andAlvaro Morata Juventus’ top scorer and 39 caps international pedry The 18-year-old Barcelona rising star is the new star after he convinced Enrique and played 4 international matches with the national team.

and in Sweden, Prepare Forsberg’s email Leipzig midfielder is the most prominent name in the national team.

Sweden also has some influential names such as: Diane Kulusevsky Juventus andVictor Lindelof Manchester United defender andAlexander Isaacs Real Sociedad striker.

In addition to the veteran striker, Marcus Berg Who played 85 international matches and scored 23 goals.

Either in Poland Fitrba Robert Lewandowski Bayern Munich’s top scorer and best player in the world on the throne.

The top scorer crowned with the Golden Boot last season will lead Poland and hopes to continue to shine after scoring 48 goals with Bayern in 40 matches, including 41 goals in 29 Bundesliga matches.

Lewandowski is one of the most prominent stars of the tournament as a whole, not just Poland, after he participated in 118 international matches and scored 66 goals.

And for for SlovakiaIf her name is mentioned, it is mentioned Marek HamsikThe former captain of Napoli and the current star of Gothenburg.

The 33-year-old has participated in 126 international matches and scored 26 goals. He also participated in the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2016 with Slovakia.

In addition to your margin, there are Milan Shkrinar Inter defender andMartin Dubravka Newcastle goalkeeper.

Group matches

The group matches will be between Spain and Russia, which were previously held between Spain and Ireland.

Where the “La Cartuja” stadium in Seville (60 thousand spectators) and the Krestovsky stadium in Saint Petersburg (68 thousand spectators) will host the group matches.

The choice of Seville came after the fans were unable to attend the matches in Bilbao, so the organization was withdrawn from the Spanish city and transferred to Seville, which is what happened with the Irish city of Dublin.

Spain will be the only team that will not have to travel, unlike the rest of the group.

Slovakia will play its first two matches in Russia, before traveling to Spain.

Sweden will also play its first match in Spain before leaving for Russia to play the remaining two matches.

But Poland will be the most frequent player in this group, as it will play its first match in Russia, then travel to Spain for the second match, before returning to Russia again.

The matches will be played on the following dates:

first round

Poland x Slovakia, on June 14 at 6 pm at Krestovsky Stadium.

Spain x Sweden, on June 14th at 9:00 pm at La Cartuja Stadium.

second round

Sweden x Slovakia, June 18 at 6 pm at Krestovsky Stadium.

Spain x Sweden, June 18 at 9:00 pm at the Estadio La Cartuja.

third round

Slovakia x Spain, June 23 at 6 pm at La Cartuja Stadium.

Sweden v Poland, June 23 at 6 pm at Krestovsky Stadium.

Prepare for the tournament لل

Spain: They drew in their first friendly match against Portugal without goals, and will play against Lithuania on June 8.

Sweden: They beat Finland 2-0 in a friendly, and will play Armenia today (5 June) in their last friendly.

Poland: They drew 1-1 with Russia, and will play against Iceland on June 8.

Slovakia: They drew 1-1 with Bulgaria, and will play against Austria on June 6.


According to the performance of the teams in the tournament qualifiers, as well as their results in the European Nations League and World Cup qualifiers as well,، Spain She is the closest to the top of the group.

In the past 12 matches, Spain have only lost once, away to Ukraine in the UEFA Nations League.

In addition to winning 5 matches, including their 6-0 victory over Germany in the European Nations League, in addition to a draw in 7 matches.

As for Sweden It seems the closest to winning the second card because of its recent results and what it achieved in the tournament qualifiers.

She won 5 matches and lost 1 in the last 6 matches.

But it will face fierce competition from Poland Which topped their group in the playoffs.

However, the recent shake-up of results, losing 4 matches against one win and a draw in the last 6 matches, may make Poland take the third place and be among the top 4 teams that will qualify after achieving this position.

As for Slovakia, with its qualification through the play-offs, it seems to have few chances of appearing, although it has won twice in its last 6 matches, drawn 3 and lost one.

But we must remember: the surprises of the euro never end.


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