FilGoal | News | Imposing strict rules on fans at the Tokyo Olympics: “No alcohol, no hugs, no cheers”


The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Organizing Committee has imposed strict rules on fans attending the Olympic Games, which start a month from now.

The Olympics, which was postponed for a year due to the spread of the Corona virus, will be held with a limited number of fans.

And the organizing committee banned drinking alcohol in competition venues in an attempt to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

It also prevented hugs, chants and autographs signature.

“At Euro 2020, the stadiums are full of celebrations, but unfortunately, we may not be able to do the same,” committee chairwoman Seiko Hashimoto told a press conference.

“People can feel joy in their hearts, but they cannot be noisy and should avoid crowds,” she added.

The Japanese authorities agreed that 10,000 spectators would attend the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which begins next month, after a year of delays due to the spread of the Coruna virus.

The approval came to this number as a maximum, with the attendance of 50% of the capacity of the stadiums in which the competitions are held.

The Olympic Organizing Committee stated that only local fans are allowed to attend the competitions.

The organizing committee set several conditions for the attendance of the masses, including the necessity of wearing masks all the time, and not shouting, only allowed applause.

It required the fans to avoid crowding when entering and leaving the stadiums, and also asked spectators to attend the competitions and then return to their homes directly, while taking all necessary precautions when moving between cities.

The Japanese authorities have put the possibilities of holding the competitions without a public presence in the event that the Corona virus spreads in Japan during the Olympics more.

The Olympic Games were postponed from last year after the spread of the Corona virus, to be rescheduled to start on July 23, and end on August 8.

The organizing committee had previously announced that the masses coming from outside Japan would not be allowed to attend the session, and that the masses residing inside the country would be satisfied.


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