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Colombia beat Brazil with a superb goal, but the samba dancers won in an argumentative fashion.

Brazil beat Colombia with two goals to one at the (Nilton Santos) stadium, in the matches of the third round of the second group of the Copa America.

Luiz Diaz scored the goal for Colombia, while Roberto Firmino and Casemiro scored for Brazil.

The victory raised Brazil’s balance to 9 points at the top of the group, while Colombias balance froze at 4 points in second place.


Brazil started the match with Weverton in goal at the expense of Ederson Moraich, while Gabriel Jesus led the attack.

In return, Juan Cuadrado led the formation of Colombia.

Match Description

The match had few chances, but the first goal was the most beautiful thing in the tournament.

Colombia advanced in the tenth minute. A great cross from Juan Cuadrado, Luis Diaz met him with a wonderful double back in the goal.

Cuadrado scored the 22nd goal this season against Brazil. 19 with Juventus and 3 with the national team. Great season for Colombian.

The goal is also the first against Brazil in 2021 after 6 consecutive clean sheets.

Brazil’s reaction was weak. And in the 37th minute, a cross, Neymar headed us to Richarlison, but he misdirected it with his shoulder over the goal.

Brazil tried again in the 41st minute through Richarlison, who shot in the defense, turning into a corner, and the first half ended with Colombia leading with a goal.

It is the first half that ends with Brazil behind since 2019 against Argentina.

Second half

Brazil started the second half with two substitutions. Roberto Firmino and Renon Lodi replaced Everton Ribeiro and Alex Sandro.

Alex Sandro shot in the 63rd minute and the ball reached Danilo inside the penalty area, who received and shot next to the post.

Here, Reinaldo Rueda intervened and pushed Miguel Borja and Gustavo Cuellar instead of Dauvan Zapata and Rafael Bore.

Brazil’s most dangerous chance came in the 66th minute after Neymar dribbled past the goalkeeper and hit the left post.

Tite entered again in the 68th minute with the entry of Lucas Paqueta instead of Fred for more attack.

Tite entered again in the 77th minute with the entry of Everton and Gabriel Barbosa instead of Gabriel Jesus, and Richarlison.

argumentative win

Finally, Gad equalized for Brazil in the 78th minute, but from a controversial goal. Neymar hit the ball and hit the referee, Nestor Fabian Pitana, but he did not stop play, as the new football law says. The ball then went to Renon Lodi, who sent a cross. Firmino headed in the goal, scoring the equalizer.

Colombia players intercepted the goal for long minutes, and the referee waited for a VAR review, then decided to award the goal at the end.

The referee counted 10 minutes of lost time. In the 91st minute, Oscar Moreau participated in the place of Luis Diaz, who scored the goal.

In the 100th minute, Brazil scored the killer goal. A corner from Lodi, Casemiro headed in the goal, scoring the second for Brazil.

The victory raised Brazil’s balance to 9 points at the top of the group, while Colombias balance froze at 4 points in second place.


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