FilGoal | News | News in the Joule – Ahmed Ayman Mansour enters the interests of Zamalek


Ahmed Ayman Mansour, a player from Pyramids, returned to the interests of Zamalek again, at the request of Patrice Carteron, the coach of the white team.

As learned, the 27-year-old entered the interests of the Zamalek technical staff to join him during the coming period, especially in light of his ability to play in more than one position.

Ahmed Ayman Mansour can play as a left back in addition to the central defense.

The technical staff of Zamalek intends to follow Ahmed Ayman Mansour more closely during the coming period, in preparation for the final decision on him.

This is not the first time that Zamalek is interested in the inclusion of Ahmed Ayman Mansour, as he was among the interests of the white team in the summer of last year.

Ahmed Ayman Mansour is considered one of the juniors of Zamalek and left him in 2013 to join the Vanguards of the Army, a year later he moved to the Interior, and a year later he left for Al-Masry, and in 2018 Pyramids obtained his services.

Ahmed Ayman Mansour’s contract with Pyramids extends until the summer of 2022.

The player participated with Pyramids this season in 22 matches in all competitions.

Ahmed Ayman Mansour has five international matches to his credit, during which he scored one goal.


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