FilGoal | News | The Athletic: Croatia will not kneel at Euro 2020


The Croatian national team does not intend to get down on one knee before the start of the match against England in Euro 2020 at Wembley Stadium next Sunday.

The players kneel before the whistle of the match for a few seconds to denounce racism in the English Premier League, and the England team made it clear that its players will kneel before the start of the matches in the European continental championship.

According to the reliable network “The Athletic”, Tomislav Bakac, the official spokesman for the Czech national team, refused to answer questions in this regard.

According to the report, “Tomslav confirmed to the Croatian media that the team does not intend to kneel during the competition, and that the European Union’s protocols did not mention this and it contradicts the introduction of politics in the sport.”

The Croatian national team is located with the Czech Republic, Scotland and England in Group D, with 3 matches to be held in Wembley in London and the same in Hampden Park in Glasgow, Scotland.

The report added that the players and coaching staff of the Czech and Scottish national teams did not take a decision in this regard.

Scotland coach Steve Clarke said last week: “It’s a conversation I’m going to have with the players before we play our first game, and then we’ll decide how we do it in the tournament.”

A Czech spokesperson told The Athletic that their players will also discuss their position ahead of the opening match against Scotland on Monday.

England’s two friendlies witnessed whistles from the fans as the players fell to their knees.

Three Lions coach Gareth Southgate said: “The most important thing for our players is knowing that we are totally united in this, we are totally committed to supporting each other and supporting the team. More than ever we feel determined to be on the knee during this tournament, we accept that they may There will be a negative reaction and we will ignore that and move forward.”

Players began to kneel before matches in the major European leagues to denounce racism as part of the Black Lives Matter campaign after the death of George Floyd in the hands of a policeman in the US state of Minnesota in May 2020.


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