FilGoal | News | The Constitutional Court of Brazil upholds the hosting of the Copa America


The French news agency, AFP, revealed that the Supreme Constitutional Court of Brazil has approved the hosting of the 2020 Copa America.

The Constitutional Court supported Brazil’s hosting of the tournament after its members approved by a majority.

According to Agence France-Presse, six members supported holding the tournament out of a total of 11 members who voted.

The tournament was supposed to be held in a joint organization between Argentina and Colombia, before Colombia withdrew from the organization due to protests in the country, so that Argentina decided to host the tournament individually.

But the South American Football Confederation decided to transfer the tournament from Argentina to Brazil, due to the health conditions in Argentina.

The federation’s decision met with strong opposition at the level of the participating teams, who expressed their objection to the transfer of the tournament from Argentina to Brazil, most notably Brazil and Argentina, before they finally announced their participation.

The tournament also met with some opposition at the level of health and political opinions in Brazil, before the Constitutional Court decided to support the organization of Brazil for the tournament.

The Copa America 2020 begins on Sunday 13 June with the opening match between Brazil and Venezuela.

The tournament is organized with the participation of ten teams divided into two groups.

Group A includes Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

The second group includes Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.


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