FilGoal | News | The first gold in the history of Egypt .. Nancy Tamman wins the world gymnastics championship


Nancy Tamman won the gold medal for the 2021 World Gymnastics Championships, which was held in Egypt.

Nancy Tamman achieved first place in the table-jumping competition, during the tournament held at the Indoor Halls Complex at Cairo Stadium, with the participation of more than 300 players representing 16 countries.

Nancy scored 13.32 points to win the gold medal in the tournament.

Hungarian Bianca Sherman won the silver, while the bronze went to Hungarian Maria Baksky.

Nancy Taman’s gold medal is the first in the history of Egypt in the world championships in artistic gymnastics.

The World Championships was held for the first time in the African continent, so it received great attention from Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports, and Ihab Amin, President of the Gymnastics Federation.

The tournament witnessed the application of strict precautionary measures to protect the participants from the emerging corona virus, Covid-19, as the players were in the medical bubble with continuous medical smears.


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