FilGoal | News | Their agent: The winch was renewed for Zamalek after one session.. Kahraba wants to stay in Al-Ahly


Ahmed Yahya, the players’ agent, revealed the scenes of Mahmoud Hamdi’s renewal of his contract with Zamalek.

Ahmed Yahya said on Ontime Sports 2: “We ended the agreement with the Zamalek administration during one session a few days ago, after which we completed the renewal of the winch’s contract with the White Castle.”

He added, “Al Wensh received two offers recently, one of them from the Saudi League.”

And he continued, “Al-Wensh preferred to stay with Zamalek, and he did not put the white club in comparison with any other offer, and preferred to renew without any bargains.”

He stressed, “The winch bought Zamalek and prefers to continue with the club, and he did not pressure the administration in anything, and he was satisfied with the offer made to him by the administration, and the renewal was done with ease.”

Zamalek announced the renewal of the winch contract until 2025.

And he moved to talk about Tariq Hamed, the Zamalek player, saying: “It is normal for Tariq Hamed to receive offers because he is a distinguished player and performs well with his team.”

“But he closes this door completely because he receives a lot of offers every season.”

Regarding the position of Mustafa Muhammad, the Turkish Galatasaray striker, from participating in the Tokyo Olympics, he said: “Mustafa wants to participate in Tokyo, but the decision is in the hands of his club, and the last information I received was that he will not participate in the Olympics, but I do not know the developments in this matter.”

And from Zamalek to Al-Ahly, and he talked about Kahraba, saying: “Kahraba wants to continue with Al-Ahly, even if he receives some offers.”

He concluded his statements, “Kahraba feels that so far he has not done anything for Al-Ahly, so he wants to continue with the team to achieve achievements.”


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