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Al-Masry players celebrate Ahmed Gomaas goal in Aswan

They are Ali Maher to come down from the stands from which he watched the second half, so Al-Masry scores a fatal goal and brings his team the most important victory of the season.

The Egyptian club defeated Ceramica Cleopatra 2-1 at Alexandria Stadium, as part of the 26th round matches of the Egyptian League.

The victory raised Al-Masry’s balance to 43 points, moving up to second place in the league temporarily, while Ceramica Cleopatra’s balance froze at 32 points in tenth place.

Ahmed Refaat and Saido Semboreh scored a goal by Al-Masry, while Shady Hussein scored Ceramica Cleopatras only goal.


Ali Maher started with Ahmed Gomaa in the attack, while Islam Salah was next to Amr Moussa in defense.

On the other hand, Diaa Al-Sayed started with Shadi Hussein and Ahmed Yasser Rayan in the attack on Ceramica Cleopatra.

Match Description

Al-Masry started the game better, and the dangerous start came in the 20th minute when Ahmed Refaat penetrated the left side and went one step further, then shot into the side netting.

Ahmed Yasser Rayan, on the other hand, was alone in the 25th minute and dribbled Ahmed Masoud from the middle of the field, then sent a cross, but the defense saved it before following Shadi Hussein.

Port Saidiya control

Ahmed Refaat again was alone in the 26th minute and dribbled Amer Amer and fell, demanding a penalty, but the referee, Mohamed Youssef, did not count anything, and with reference to the video technology, he confirmed his decision.

Al-Masry continued to press with a cross from Ahmed Shedeed Kenawy in the 32nd minute, Ahmed Gomaa met it with a weak header in the hands of Amer Amer.

Gomaa continued to waste in the 33rd minute after a cross by Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed, Gomaa met it with a direct shot from the edge of the penalty mark, but over the goal.

Then a violation of Al-Masry in the 41st minute, executed by Ahmed Refaat, and Amr Moussa met it with a header over the goal as well.

Finally, the first goal came in the 48th minute. A penalty kick awarded by Mohamed Youssef to Al-Masry in the 45th minute in favor of Ezy Emeka, after receiving a foul from the penalty area. Youssef returned to the video technology, and then decided to award a penalty kick to Al-Masry.

Ahmed Refaat took the penalty kick, and this time scored a goal. The goal is the first for Al-Masry from a penalty kick after three missed kicks in the last two league matches, and in the middle, the Egyptian Cup was bid farewell to the Egyptian Cup on penalties against Aswan.

Second half

red control

Syramka Cleopatra started the second half strong. A wonderful intersection from Mohamed Ibrahim in the 47th minute to Shadi Hussein, who shot at the left post of Masoud.

Shadi Hussein himself shot hard in the 53rd minute, but over the goal.

Here, Ali Maher intervened and pushed Ahmed Hamed “Shusha” instead of Ahmed Gomaa in an explicit defensive switch.

Diaa El-Sayed responded in the 63rd minute by entering Ahmed Mohsen instead of Fabrice Naga.

Ceramica continued to press, and Ahmed Yasser Rayan almost equalized in the 68th minute with a header that went past the post.

For more pressure, Diaa El-Sayed pushed Mahmoud Nabil and Mohamed Massad in the 69th minute instead of Rajab Bakkar and Ashour Al-Adham.

Then the pressure here finally resulted in a tie. A great longitudinal from Saleh Jumaa, turned by Shadi Hussein with a great counter-touch in the net of Masoud, recording the equalizer in the 73rd minute.

Ceramica Cleopatra almost took the lead in the 77th minute after a mistake from Massoud. Amr Moussa returned the ball from the middle of the field to his goalkeeper, but Masoud grabbed the ball with his hand, so the referee awarded an indirect free kick from inside the penalty area.

The Egyptian defense stopped the ball and saved his goal from a second goal, to continue the tie.

Here Ali Maher returned to the attack. He pushed Austin Amoto and Saido Semboreh in the 79th minute instead of Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed, and Ezi Emeka.

Ceramica Cleopatra also had the advantage after a lengthy lead to Shadi Hussein in the 83rd minute inside the penalty area, but he shot far from the goal this time.

killer target

The Egyptian did not despair. Ali Maher pushed Mohamed Antar and Mohamed Abdel Latif “Grindo” in the 90th minute instead of Hassan Ali, and Islam Salah.

The Egyptian was dominant in four minutes of added time. First, when Rifaat exchanged the time with Antar in the 91st minute, Rifaat penetrated the penalty area and sent a cross-legged cross, which the defense narrowly saved.

Then the killer goal came in the 93rd minute. A cross from Rafaat to Mohamed Antar, and Antar received the ball and paved it to Sembore, who shot it directly into the goal, scoring the killer goal.

The victory is the first in the history of the two teams confrontations in favor of Al-Masry, after the first-leg tie with two goals for each team.

After the victory, Al-Masry’s balance rose to 43 points, moving to second place in the league temporarily, while Ceramica Cleopatras balance froze at 32 points in tenth place.


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