FilGoal | News | Zamalek: The ball is in Sassi’s court for renewal.. and the player told us to return to Egypt after the international break


Zamalek players celebrate Ferjani Sassi’s killer goal in Ismaily

Hussein Labib, head of the temporary committee for the management of Zamalek club, revealed that Ferjani Sassi’s lawyer communicated with the club and informed them that the player’s contract had ended.

Labib stressed that Sassi contracted with Zamalek until the end of the season, not the end of May, and the player informed us of his return to Egypt after the end of the international break.

Hussein Labib said on the Zamalek channel: “We are ready to negotiate with Ferjani Sassi on the new contract. The player is linked to a contract until the end of the current season.”

“We officially sent Ferjani Sassi on May 28 and 29 a notification to the player of our desire to sit down to negotiate with him,” he added.

Labib revealed, “We were surprised on June 5 by a notification from Ferjani Sassi’s lawyer that the contract expired at the end of May.”

He added, “The football team administrator contacted Sassi three days ago, and the player notified him to return to Egypt after the end of the international break, but he did not say whether he would continue or not.”

Hussein Labib stressed, “We do not claim championship, and we welcome the extension of Ferjani Sassi’s contract, and the ball is currently in his court, and we are waiting to sit with him and his agent.”

He continued, “The last contact with Ferjani Sassi was three days ago, and he promised to return to Egypt, but he did not say whether he would complete or leave.”

And speaking of financial matters, he explained, “$17 million is the total compensation required from the Zamalek club internationally, and we have $2 million in dues, and a final ruling has not yet been made.”

And he concluded his statements, “We support Carteron to the end so that he reaps the league and the cup, as the fans of Zamalek wish.”

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