FilGoal | News | Zamalek’s training – Quartet continues to qualify… and a strong division for the players


The Zamalek quartet, Mahmoud Abdel Razek “Shikabala”, Mohamed Abdel Shafi, Hazem Imam, and Ayman Hefny, continued to perform qualifying exercises in the club’s gymnasium.

Imam suffers from an injury to the adductor muscle, while Abdel Shafi suffers from a strain in the calf, while Shikabala and Hefni perform rehabilitation exercises according to the program set for them by the technical staff of Zamalek led by French Patrice Carteron.

The technical staff escalated a number of junior sector players to first-team training to compensate for the absence of international players and the injured.

And the technical staff ascended, Reda Al-Amid, Muhammad Hossam “Biso”, Muhammad Qandil, Hamdi Alaa, Hatem Muhammad, and Yassin Marei, in addition to Youssef Osama, Hussam Abdul Majeed, Osama Faisal, Saif Jaafar, Ahmed Nader Al-Sayed and Mr. Attia, who were escalated before.

The team’s players performed physical exercises and stretches in the Dr. Ashraf Sobhi halls complex at the club’s headquarters before the start of group training.

The technical staff, led by the French Cartieron, supervised the physical exercises before the start of the training session.

The technical staff also divided the players into two groups, and each group performed physical exercises under the supervision of Osama Nabih, the general coach, and Ahmed Abdel Maksoud, the assistant coach.

Finally, the team performed a strong technical division under the supervision of the technical staff.

The technical staff of the team divided the players into three groups to contest the division in the middle of the field, where the winning group continues on the field, and the losing group is replaced by the third group.

The team continues its training in preparation for the Aswan meeting scheduled for June 17 in the twenty-sixth round of the Premier League competition, which will be held at Cairo International Stadium.


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