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The General Department of Cairo Traffic sets the necessary traffic services to meet any expected traffic densities, and directs the traffic to implement the expansion joints of the car bridge at the intersection of Al Nasr Road with Ahmed Fakhry and Hassan Al-Mamoun Streets, which requires a complete closure of the traffic on top of the bridge with diversion of traffic Vehicles are heading towards the Earth’s surface in these directions

The direction coming from Marshal Abu Ghazaleh Bridge towards Makram Ebeid Street, from 12:00 pm on Friday, 11/6/2021 until 6:00 am on Sunday 13/6/2021.

The direction coming from Makram Ebeid Street in the direction of the Marshal Abu Ghazaleh Bridge, from 12:00 pm on Friday 18/6/2021 until 6:00 am on Sunday 20/6/2021.

For its part, the General Department of Cairo Traffic determines the necessary traffic services and coordinates with the implementing agency to put in place technical assistance and all equipment indicating the existence of works in the area to ensure the security and safety of citizens.

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