Find out when the league ends for the current season 2021


The Football Association’s Competitions Committee has set Sunday 25 or 26 August as the date for the end of the Premier League competition for the current season 2022/2021.

The officials of the Tripartite Committee of the Football Association settled on holding the last three rounds of the league at a unified date and time for all matches, in accordance with the principle of equal opportunities.

The Al-Ahly team will play 7 matches in the General League competition without the Olympic team players, as the last camp of the Pharaohs before the Olympics begins on July 6, and thus Al-Ahly will play 7 matches without its Olympic players after announcing the schedule..

And the matches that Al-Ahly is playing without the Olympic team players are:

Al-Ahly and the contractors July 8

Clearing and Al-Ahly 11 July

Al-Ahly and Al-Ahly Bank July 22 22

Al-Ahly and Military Production July 25

Aswan and Al-Ahly 29 July

Al-Ahly and the Tigris August 2

Al-Ahly and Ceramica August 5

As for the dates of the Egyptian national team matches in the Tokyo Olympics?

– Egypt x Spain: at half past nine in the morning, Thursday, July 22

– Egypt x Argentina: at 9:30 am, on Sunday, July 25

– Egypt x Australia: at 1:00 pm, on Wednesday, July 28.


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