For the first time… Khaled El-Sawy reveals the events of the movie “For Rent”


The artist Khaled El-Sawy said that the movie “For Rent” is different from other works that I have performed, and what attracted me to him was that the author, Islam Bilal, is very sensitive and enthusiastic, and therefore directed the work in a wonderful way.

He explained, during his interview with the journalist Ramy Radwan on the “Evening DMC” program broadcast on the “DMC” satellite channel this Thursday evening, that the idea of ​​​​the events of the film, that there is a central hero, the artist Mohamed Salam, is a smart and talented artist and draws attention with the least effort.

He explained that this young man travels in the film from Cairo to Alexandria and is surrounded by several heroes who deal with them in the events of the film, including the artist Khaled El-Sawy, and this young employee is looking for an “apartment” in Alexandria.

The artist Khaled El-Sawy pointed out that his role in the film is that he is a light-hearted and reckless man who does not live his age, and at the same time, this man turns from the height of fun to the summit of sadness and melancholy, and he lives in the surprises, obsessions and dreams of the hero of the film.

He stressed that the movie “For Rent” was wronged in the midst of the Corona pandemic, and its propaganda was not at the required level, stating that despite that, its problems were not grave, nor were they intended.


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