French report: The mental health of the French has deteriorated due to the Corona epidemic


The French Mental Health and Mental Health Observatory (Metuality Francaise) revealed alarming figures regarding the extent of the poor psychological state of French citizens in general, and young people in particular, at the end of the health crisis of the Corona virus Covid-19 epidemic. .

According to Radio France International, the report indicated that the mental health of the French has deteriorated significantly since the outbreak of the epidemic, and one in five French people is currently suffering from a mental and psychological disorder..

The report indicated that the most worrying thing was that the rate of life satisfaction among the French reached 77.5 percent in mid-February, seven points lower than the period before the epidemic..

In general, across France, doctors, psychologists and psychologists are seeing a marked increase in the number of consultations related to anxiety and depression..

The report concluded that the health crisis also highlighted unequal access to psychiatrists and psychologists, which is available for only about 40 to 60 percent of people with mental disorders..


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