From the memories of Muhammad Najm.. Stuffed cabbage is a sacred dish in the morning | Video


On the second anniversary of the departure of the artist Mohamed Negm, his son, the artist Sherif Negm, spoke about an aspect of his personality as a father at home.

During his hosting on the “From Egypt” program, presented by the media, Reham Ibrahim, and the media, Amr Khalil, on CBC, Sherif Negm said: “Professor Muhammad Najm, may God have mercy on him and enter him into heaven, is one of the kindest and kindest hearts that I have ever seen in my life, and he would always guide me with advice, and had it not been for his advice.” And his directives did not remain Sharif a star.”

Sherif Negm explained that his father left our world before the opening of a small theater that they established, similar to the new cinema halls with a capacity of 200 chairs, and it is expected that the theater will open next January.

He added: “Papa Mbehbash Al-Nakd is pure at home or in the theater. It is a beautiful farfouch, and he rises in the morning if there is a dish of stuffed cabbage, he makes a very rigid suffocation. The stuffed is holy, the mombar, the koware, the tripe and this beautiful food. And my mother is Zamalek, and I live here and live here.”

In addition to his artworks, fans of the late artist Mohamed Negm remember his very distinctive voice, and in the video we see his son imitating him brilliantly, recalling a spontaneous position that actually happened on the stage, in the play “The Lies Strong”, in a scene that brought him together with the late artists Mazhar Abu Al-Naga, and Hassan Mustafa .


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