Garbage removal next to the railway tracks in Samalout


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In order to preserve the general cleanliness and the civilized appearance, by public roads and the railway line, within the Samalout Center – Qad Major General Walid El-Madawy, head of the Samalout Center, North of Minya, a campaign to remove accumulations and garbage, located on both sides of the railways, in the center circle.

On the first day, the campaign included the villages overlooking the “Al-Bayho-Qalousna” railway line, and the eastern neighborhood of the city. All the accumulations and accumulations along the railway were lifted, in the village of Al-Bayho from the side and the two crossings of the village of Qalousna.

“El Madawy” stressed the continuous follow-up in order to preserve the environment and the general aesthetic appearance. He stressed that work along the railway will continue intensively until all the accumulations and any garbage collections are removed.

This comes within the directives of the Governor, Major General Osama Al-Qadi, regarding the follow-up and intensification of work on the integrated hygiene system, the provision of a clean environment and work to limit the spread of epidemics.

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