Gharib: Salah’s replacement with the Olympic team will be one of the top 3


11:33 PM

Monday 14 June 2021

Books – Ali Al-Bahaji:
Shawki Gharib, coach of the Olympic team, confirmed that the technical staff was able to make good use of the last camp by playing two matches against the South African team, noting that he was able to apply a number of methods of play.

Gharib said in statements to On Time Sports: “We played with a large group of players in the two matches, and we benefited a lot from the camp, and a number of players appeared well.”

He added, “The initial list of the Olympic team will include 8 senior players, and we will choose only 3 of them to participate in the Olympics.”

And he explained, that Mohamed Salah, a professional in the ranks of Liverpool, is an important element and a great stature in football, we must admit this, noting that he addressed Liverpool to find out their opinion of Salah’s presence in Tokyo.

He continued, “Liverpool’s decision regarding Salah’s participation will decide the Olympic team’s choices for the big players participating in the Tokyo Olympics.”

And he continued: “Mohamed Salah’s replacement with the Olympic team, if Liverpool refuses to participate, will be one of the big 3.”

He concluded: “I hope that Salah will be with us because he is one of the 3 best players in the world, and his presence is a great thing for us and the Egyptian football, and Salah, for his part, wishes to be with the Egyptian Olympic team in the Tokyo Olympics.”


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