“God gave me 10 times more than him” .. Daoud Hussein reveals the details of his loss


03:41 PM

Tuesday 08 June 2021

Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajmi

Kuwaiti artist Daoud Hussein revealed that he lost a sum of money, pointing out that investigations are still ongoing.

Hussein, in a video clip on his account on the “Instagram” website, thanked the men friends who supported him in his crisis.

He continued: “I do not want anything more than asking me, just you, your friendship and love are a treasure for me, thank you for what you have done.”

He continued: “God Almighty, when he closes a door in your face, he opens many doors, I swear to God within 48 hours, God Almighty gave me more than what went 10 times, thank God, thank you my Lord, and my love for everyone who asked about me.”

Dowad commented on the video, saying: “Praise be to God.. my loved ones. Thank you for being in my life.. God does not deprive me of you.”

Daoud Hussein was born in Kuwait City on November 5, 1958, and joined the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts, and during this period he participated in many theatrical performances between the Al-Sour Theater troupes, the Kuwaiti Theater Troupe, and the Arab Theater Troupe. Al-Atawiya”, then participated in a large number of series and comedy programs, the last of which was “Bo Tar” in 2021.


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